Feb 17, 2019
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Our People

Sean Worker

Sean Worker - President & CEO

Sean values his relationships and has a group of 16 friends that meet annually, no matter what. He is a bike racer and likes to climb mountains.

Jonathan Hamblett

Jonathan Hamblett - Vice President, Partner Communities

A looong time ago in high school and college, Jonathan was quite the basketball player and could easily slam dunk like a champ!

Cornelia Montgomery

Cornelia Montgomery - Senior Director Global Supply Community, EMEA

Cornelia was born in Scotland-- land of the brave. She bakes a great cupcakes and a little known fact is that she is a qualified podiatrist … so, she can feed your heart and save your sole!

Ryan Hoover

Ryan Hoover - Director of Supply Partner Community for the Americas

Ryan loves spicy food and traveling the world with his wife to find even more amazing and unique foods.

Kabiru Onikuyi

Kabiru Onikoyi - Senior Global Supply Chain Manager

Kabiru is an avid Arsenal FC supporter.

Kevin Tester

Kevin Tester - Suppler Chain Manager - Americas

Kevin performs in local theater and averages about two productions a year, everything from musicals to one act playwright competitions.  He does this with some of his teenage and adult children, so it is a family affair.

Ebony Holmes

Ebony Holmes - Supply Partner Community Manager

Ebony is learning how to skateboard. She also can’t make pancakes to save her life.

Ryan Durham

Ryan Durham - Supply Partner Community Manager

In college Ryan was an aspiring sports journalist and covered Virginia Tech football and men’s basketball.

Racquel Dunn

Racquel Dunn - Channel Onboarding Specialist

Racquel is the proud new owner of a ukulele.

Danielle Prior

Danielle Prior - Supply Partner Community Coordinator

LauraJane Igoe

LauraJane Igoe - Supply Partner Community Coordinator

LauraJane knows how to play the tin whistle and knows the lyrics to every Ed Sheeran song.


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