Aug 24, 2019

BridgeStreet congratulates the following members of our Supply Community for winning our partner awards for January 2019. Read below to learn more about the great members of our supply community. Thank you all for making it easy for our guests and clients during their stays!

Partner of the Month: Vision Apartments – Vision Apartments has been a key partner in Switzerland for multiple years, supporting a high demand volume while delivering high guest satisfaction. Their approach to quality and design has allowed us to extend a unique experience to our guests. As Vision embraces the use of technology in the serviced apartment space, they also help us at BridgeStreet to advance the conversation and make distribution easy to key stakeholders. Congratulations to the entire team at Vision Apartments!

STAR of the Month: Danique (Dee) Davidson, Paintworks Apartments – Onboarding can be a timely process. Between connecting systems and uploading content, it takes an investment to get it all going. From the start of onboarding, Dee has made it easy for our teams by adhering to directions and completing tasks in a timely matter. Her embracing of our platform is an example as distribution and technology become more the norm in the serviced apartment sector. Congratulations to Dee!